Type SD3

3-storey Semi-Detached 5 + 1 Bedrooms


Sierra Hijauan - Type SD3
Type Description: 3-storey Semi-Detached
5 + 1 Bedroom
Land Area: 40' x 80'
Built-up Area: 4,077 sq.ft.

Layout Plan


Sierra Hijauan - Type SD3 - Specifications

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• Developer: Sierra Ukay Sdn Bhd 200401035353 (673863-K) • Head Quarter: Ground Floor, Wisma IJM, Jalan Yong Shook Li, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 603-7985 8188 Fax: 603-7952 9848/9091 • Type: 3- Storey Semi D and Bungalow• Developer’s License No.:10296-3/10-2019/02689 (L) • Validity: 10/10/18-9/10/19• Advertising & Sales Permit: 10296-3/10-2019/02689 (P)• Validity: 10/10/18-9/10/19•Appropriate Authority which approves the Building Plan : Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya • Building Plan reference Number: MPAJ.BS.KB.740-1/2-11/12-1 and MPAJ.BS.KB.740-1/2-12/12-1• Tenure of Land : 99 years • Expiring : 6 January 2114 • Restrictions In Interest : The land shall not be transferred, leased or changed without prior approval by the State Authority • Land Encumbrances: Nil• Expected Date of Completion : Feb 2019 • No. of units: 38 (3 Storey Semi D) • Selling Price: RM3,449,800 (Min) RM5,258,800 (Max) • No. of Units: 2 (3 Storey Bungalow) • Selling Price: RM4,558,800 (Min) RM4,845,800 (Max) • Bumiputera Discount: 7% • IKLAN INI TELAH DILULUSKAN OLEH JABATAN PERUMAHAN NEGARA

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Phase 2E
Advertising & Sales Permit No. : 10296-6/02-2026/0205(N)-(S)

Phase 2F
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