Illustration Payment

Schedule G – Generic Pictures
Schedule of Payment of Purchase Price Description of Construction Work Illustration Pictures
2(a) The foundation of the said Building (10%)
  • All foundation works below the lowest floor level
  • Pilings and pilecaps (if any)
  • Raft slabs (if any)
  • Footings (if any)
  • stumps (if any)
2(b) The structural framework of the said Building (15%)
  • All primary structural elements above lowest floor level including:
    • Beams
    • Columns
    • Suspended Slabs
    • Roof beams
    • Structural walls (if any)
  • Retaining walls forming part of the structural element to the Building (if any)
2(c) The walls of the said Building with door and window frames placed in position (10%)
  • All non-structural walls
  • All party walls inclusive of wall stiffeners
  • Timber door and window frames where there are no subframes
  • All frameworks for dry partitioning excluding lining of partition
2(d) The roofing, electrical wiring, plumbing (without fittings), gas piping (if any) and internal telephone trunking and cabling to the said Building (10%)
  • Roof framings, roof coverings and flashing including car porches
  • All gas pipings (if any)
  • All internal telephone trunkings and cablings
  • All electrical wirings
  • All water pipings including bends and joints
  • All sanitary pipings including bends, joints and traps
2(e) The internal and external finishes of the said Building including the wall finishes (10%)
  • All plasterings or skim coatings where specified to all wall soffits of suspended slabs (if any), beams and columns
  • Wall tiles and other wall finishes (if any)
  • All linings/boards/panels to framed partitions and/or ceiling (if any)
  • Floor screedings and/or other floor finishes
  • Painting to internal and external walls, floors and ceilings (if any)
2(f) The sewerage works serving the said Building (5%)
  • Sewerage works including manholes from the Building connected to a completed sewerage treatment system (The treatment system may be permanent or temporary as approved by the relevant authority)
2(g) The drains serving the said Building (2.5%)
  • Drains and main drains connected to the outfall (The alignment of the drains and the outfall may be permanent or temporary as approved by the local authority)
2(h) The roads serving the said Building (2.5%)
  • Paved road leading to the Building from an existing road. The alignment of the road may be a permanent or temporary access approved by the local authority.
  • Permanent roads around the Building
  • Entrance culvert serving the Building
  • Kerbs (if any)
3) On the date the Purchaser takes vacant possession of the said Building, with water and electricity supply ready for connection (17.5%)

Professional Architect does not need to issue any certificate for this Stage but before the Developer can effect vacant possession, the Certificate of Completion and Compliance shall have been issued by the Professional Architect as the Principal Submitting Person
  • All other works inclusive but not limited to all items not completed in Stage 2(a) to 2(h).
  • External works including fencings, gates and turfing (if any)
  • Electrical wirings, water and sanitary piping services completed and ready to receive supply
  • Water and electricity supply available and ready for connection for tapping into the said building
  • The TNB sub-station should be energised or alternative electricity supply by TNB is provided.
  • All external electrical cablings from sub-station to the unit must be completed with supply.
  • Sewerage treatment plant shall be serviceable
  • Water reservoir (if applicable) is operational
  • Closing up of temporary openings for construction purposes.
Note: The photos are for illustration purposes and do not represent the actual construction site progress.


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